Butter milk vending machine

Automatic butter-milk vending machine,  table mounting, best for restaurants, food courts, malls

Panipuri automatic serving station

Panipuri  automatic serving station , 10 nozzles /5 nozzles/3 nozzles/ 2 nozzles,  

Smart Milk Vending Machine

More than 300 litre tank capacity,Multi parameter display, (Fat% ,Solid But Not Fat ,  Protein, Density/CLR, Added Water)

Cow and buffalo Milk choice, Easy refilling suction tube,Refrigeration ,

All payment modes integrated, 2.8  ft front, 6.5 ft height, 2.5 ft depth

SM -B001 RAPIDO-BHEL fully automatic machine

Unique Features of the products

             Multiple menus- BHEL puri,  Dahi Puri & Corn Bhel.

  • Best for restaurants, malls, food courts, corporate canteens.
  • All digital payments integrated on machine.Hygienic food can be served any time as no human interruption involved.
  • Very hygienic - 100% food grade
  • Server communication – dish counts SMS, error SMS etc
  • Whole process is automatic , Android interface ,

Smart Restaurant Kiosk Fully Automatic Meal vending machine.

Unique Features of the products


  • One touch fully automatic
  • veg + Non veg separate preparations and deliveries
  • Digital payment/cash token
  • Integrated Auto Dish Dispense
  • Very hygienic - 100% food grade
  • dish counts SMS, error SMS
  • Quick serving.
  • working on 90 to 100 degree C temp