Who We Are

Rapidosmart automatics Pvt. ltd is an innovative research and Manufacturing organization in Pune, India in 2018. Company aims to provide Automation in Traditional street food serving to meet the growing demand considering the factor of Hygiene and cleanliness.


The craze and carvings for street food has always been a part of every Indian heart, but lately unhygienic, unclean practices leads to health issues and various problems.

Rapido designed the masterpieces where all time favorite street food can be as hygienic as high-class restaurant’s without compromising with the taste. No Human interaction with the food, Cleanliness and Hygiene are the key aspects of all Rapido products.

Our Mission

To deliver automation and food serving products to meet the growing demand & need for quality food in the world.


A leader in powering   a sustainable future for our industry and the world it serves.

Our Values

  • Live quality
  • Encourage creativity and innovation to drive people process & products
  • Respect for individual
  • Respect for work-place ethics

Why Rapido ?

  • Presently Rapido is the only automation firm who is making serving Indian Traditional Street Food in Vending machine.
  • Hygienic- The fresh food vending machine is free of human touch.
  • Environment Friendly- Our machine is designed to reduce the energy consumption, contributing towards healthy earth.
  • Customizable- Depending upon business needs customization in the taste, quantity, special features.
  • Dedicated Services- Rapido offers round the clock service assistance and support, Through Toll free no.
  • Quality Assurance- We have programmed the machine to be clean and hygienic with cleaning cycle alarm, which ignored leads to shutdown of the machine, assuring 100% quality.


  • Rapido is an upcoming technology since the product range is traditional and loved all over the country.
  • The user tends to have a marginal growth in the market reducing labor cost, no continuous supervision required therefore maximizing the profit margin with less efforts.
  • Places like Malls, Airport and lounge have a potential to embrace the culture at individual places by introducing the Next generation technology. Creating a class and standing out from the competitors in individual market.
  • So Sit back relax, She sells you earn; Just take it and forget it, it will work on its own. Enjoy your business from anywhere in the world.




Years in Business






  • 1. Fully automatic fresh Indian food dish serving machine.
  • 2. Kiosk developed to maintain hygiene.
  • 3. Android based operation with smart touch panel.
  • 4. Cash /cash less transactions within machine.
  • 5. Digital wallet usable.
  • 6. Compact and aesthetic design.
  • 7. Low cost automation and maintenance free
  • 8. Will help to rural /poor people also

Benefits to society and country

Resolution in citizens problems makes our product useful and beneficial to society

  • Hygienic food making and serving process.
  • Customer will enjoy typical Indian food in modern way.
  • Helping government in Digital India/ Make in India campaign,
  • Inspired by governments Smart City objectives.
  • Machines will create market for Indian food ingredients in overseas.
  • Products will prove Indian made core technology worldwide.

Enjoy Street food like Never before

Our Smart vending machines are manufactured in India with best quality standards

Machines designed to deliver Indian snacks with high innovative impact and great respect for Indian food

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